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Genericide [Mar. 25th, 2009|10:02 pm]
Art Geek
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In my computer class I'm going over copyrights, intellectual property, DMCA, etc. Part of that was a discussion on trademarks and how some brands can become so popular, they are used as the generic term for the category of product. Here's a list I came up with as examples.

Alkaseltzer		> effervescent antacid
Band-Aid		> adhesive bandages
Chapstick		> lip balm
Coke (in the south)	> carbonated beverage
Cool Whip		> whipped cream
Corn Flakes/etc		> cereal
Dockers/Dickies		> pants
Frisbee			> Flying saucer toy
Gatorade		> sports drink
Google			> search engine
Hi-lighter		> highlighting marker
Jeep			> off-road vehicle
iPod			> digital music player
Jell-O			> gelatin snacks
Kleenex			> facial tissue
Kool-aid		> powdered drink
Nerf gun		> foam dart launcher
Photoshop		> image editing software
Popcicle		> frozen fruit flavoured juice
Pop Tart		> toaster pastry
Post-It			> self adhesive notes
Powerpoint		> presentation software
Q-Tip			> cotton swab
Rollerblade		> in-line skates
Rolodex			> rotary card file
Scotch			> cellophane tape
Sharpie/Expo		> markers
Speedo			> tight male swimsuit
Super Soaker		> water gun
Vasaline		> petroleum jelly
Velcro			> hook and loop fastener
Wite-Out		> correction fluid
Word			> word processor
Xerox			> photocopy

Don't forget that aspirin and escalator used to be trademarks as well. One of the other teachers poo-pooed on iPod, Nerf, and Super Soaker, but I've heard those used quite a lot as generic terms by kids. She suggested Vasaline, which I added although I contend it's not really all that popular of a product these days anyway.

She also suggested Pamper as a common word for diaper. I think that's nonsense, but I put it to you. What do you think?

[User Picture]From: nuttynuthatch
2009-03-26 09:06 pm (UTC)
Legally, I think "Corn Flakes" is not a registered trademark anymore. Any generic store brand (ahem, "private label") can use the term "corn flakes" and get away with it.

"Pampers" may be used by some ethnic groups for diapers.

"Kitty Litter" IS a registered trademark, as is "Dumpster."
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