The Scenic Route

He didn't say it would be easy

Art Geek
7 October

I'm a visual artist originally from Chattanooga, TN. I've worked for Parelli Natural Horsemanship in Pagosa Springs, CO, and freelanced film and motion graphics in Phoenix, AZ. Now I'm the assistant boys dean, art and computer teacher, and IT director for a small, privately funded Christian boarding academy in Jefferson, TX.

I enjoy doing fun creative type stuff as a way of putting off less interesting chores. I tend to be easily distractible, but that doesn't Oh, look! Subsurface scattering!

I will usually be found spending quality time with my significant other, a Macintosh Powerbook. I like chick flicks, cooking, and sewing, but balance that out with a healthy interest in swords and making chainmail. I've been called the "art geek" and I can't argue. My skills include professional procrastination and wearing matching socks. I am liked by small, furry animals.